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MilkyWare is a privately-owned company which was launched in March of 2013. We offer authentic Microsoft software in partnership with Microsoft Partner Network. We sell and distribute genuine licenses and programs for our customer’s convenience. Our Microsoft software services and products are all accessible through downloads. Our goal as a growing company is to provide our customers with genuine and affordable Microsoft software.  We are committed to providing our customers with authentic software, exceptional customer service at the best price possible. We network with multiple suppliers and distributors to give you the best price that we can offer. As a certified partner and reseller of Microsoft, we guarantee that every software that you purchase from us will be authentic and genuine Microsoft software. MilkyWare offers software for development, digital media authoring, Internet, office, office suites for Mac and Windows, operating systems, programming languages, and other products. If you have any questions about our services and products, we are very pleased to answer all your inqueries and concerns regarding the program that you want to buy from us..